From the very beginning at just 5 years old, I had this unwavering conviction that I was destined to…


From the very beginning at just 5 years old, I had this unwavering conviction that I was destined to be a singer. My parents, concerned yet amused, dismissed it as a cute yet unlikely childhood aspiration. But oh, the fire in me never flickered out. I was ready to perform anywhere and everywhere, no stage too small, no crowd too sparse!

By the time I hit 15, I had persuaded them to let me take singing lessons. That year also marked another significant milestone: I got paid to sing for the first time ever. 🎤

I remember marching into Nordstrom and pitching our girl group’s idea to sing swing music right where the piano usually stands. We landed the gig and earned $300—a deal teenage me had negotiated. Fast forward to my 20s, I took the leap and moved to LA, eventually finding myself winning awards, opening for Ludacris and singing in stadiums for 17,000 people! Manifesting dreams isn’t just about wishful thinking; it’s about taking decisive action.

Acting was never on my radar, but as David Copperfield’s manager wisely told me when I was in a dilemma about saying yes to the show Beverly Hills Pawn, “In entertainment, all rivers lead to the same ocean”.

At the age of 8, I knew that after my singing adventure, I’d embark on a journey as a speaker. So, here I am now, living my dream as a speaker, grateful to share my story and connect with you all. I’ve spent years visualizing this moment, feeling it in every fiber of my being, and working tirelessly towards it. And now, it’s my reality. Manifestation is truly a wild, magical thing—if you believe it and fully commit to your dream, pour your entire being into it, and take action, it will unfold right before your eyes. ✨

Thank you all for coming along for the ride. Your support and comments over the years have meant EVERYTHING to me.

Here is a snippet from the Clarity with Charity Podcast, out in November.

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