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Studies show that 75% of employees suffer from burnout, and an alarming 85% of remote workers are feeling exhausted (Source). Women report higher burnout levels than men and workers end up in hospital costing employers time and money. No-one is happy in this scenario, so I’m here to fix it.

Learn to Achieve Peak Performance, Minus the Burnout with Aria Johnson

I’ve spent my career mentoring A-List celebrities in the music and TV industry. I know what it takes to succeed.

In my uplifting keynotes, you’ll discover the secrets of maximum performance in your career, relationships, and parenthood, all while keeping burnout at bay.

My approach is a three-step plan covering what to do morning, noon, and night. You’ll learn to put yourself first, a practice often overlooked by people who are overwhelmed and exhausted.

“I’m not just talking about burnout; I’ve survived it.

At the height of my career, despite having achieved fame, success and money, I found myself in the ER, battling a life-threatening illness. I suffered from a paralyzed stomach and bleeding from the throat. I lost my cognitive function and ability to speak. After five years and numerous doctors who had all but given up, I made a crucial discovery: true healing comes from within.

Over five transformative years, I rediscovered my strength, resilience, and the power of self-compassion. I’m excited to share with your audience a blueprint for not just surviving, but flourishing in the face of adversity. My approach isn’t about merely avoiding burnout; it’s about embracing a journey to peak performance filled with joy and fulfillment.

Join me on an inspiring journey to become more resilient, fulfilled, and successful.

Your path to the top begins now.

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Free anti-burnout toolkit

Introducing the V.O.I.C.E. framework

Begin your transformative journey!

This is your personal toolkit for healing from burnout and will serve as a guideline for burnout recovery and prevention. If you caught my workshop, this will be a reminder of what I presented.

Consider these as signposts for the daily practices you can try out to recharge your life and rediscover your voice.

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Aria Johnson has got something special to bring to the world.
David Foster
16 x Grammy Award Winner

About Aria

Aria Johnson is a Television Personality, Celebrity Voice Coach, and Inspirational Speaker. She is best known as the Music Expert on Beverly Hills Pawn, the #1 show on Reelz Channel for five seasons, airing in 83 countries. With a background as a touring recording artist, Aria founded The Golden Voice in 2010, an Artist Development and Vocal Coaching firm, committed to teaching young celebrities how to make a positive impact through music. 

Her team’s efforts have led to multi-platinum record sales, surpassing 50 million album sales and 100 million views on YouTube, while collaborating with artists from every major label. Aria’s work has garnered attention from notable publications including The LA Times, Star Magazine, Life Magazine, Time Magazine, OK Magazine and Woman’s Day Magazine.

At the peak of her career, Aria faced a turning point with a life-threatening illness, leading to a five-year journey of recovery. Today, she is dedicated to sharing the powerful lessons learned from her experiences. Underpinned by her story of triumph over adversity, Aria offers audiences a simple, three-step formula to avoid burnout, embrace self-growth, and attain peak success.


Aria is not your average mentor and speaker, she’s an expert in teaching self-love as a method to accomplish your dreams, and her passion for helping others learn is infectious.
Kimberly Lou
Best Selling Author
& Wellness Guru
I love working with Aria Johnson and her team. Aria has been my artist development coach these past few years and, as a result, in 2017 I sang at the Grammy’s with Demi Lovato.
Sasha Cesares
I won a Malibu Music Award for Best Teen Artist, the Stan Lee’s Comikaze Award for Best Original Song, the CBS Studios Award for Overall Best Performance & Song and even had a song placement at 13.

Online Courses

The Golden Voice Academy

The Golden Voice Academy reveals in an easy step-by-step plan how to go from from frustrated and not knowing what to do; to working full time as an Artist, making six figures independently, getting the recognition you deserve and even a major label record deal.


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